Should I follow her on Instagram?

Paul the psychic octopus Crystal ball No yes
Yes or no answer!

Yes, follow her on Instagram. What’s the worst that could happen? She figures out that you like her, and because she secretly likes you too she tells you, you date, you get married, have 12 babies, and live happily ever after, dying painlessly of old age in each others arms just like in The Notebook? Would that really be so bad? So, in answer to: should I follow her on Instagram? Yes.

But be cool. Just nice and cool. No scary douche moves okay! A lot of people are asking, is it weird or creepy to follow a girl you just met, on Instagram. Sort of, unless she already has a bajillion followers. But if she only has 10 followers, including her mom, you might want to wait until you’ve hung out a few times before following.