Should I visit a psychic?

Paul the psychic octopus Crystal ball No yes
Yes or no answer!

It’s a little bit ironic that you are asking a psychic octopus ‘should I visit a psychic?’ But far be it from us to be one of those annoying people always pointing out irony. Paul assumes that you mean human psychic, and would say a definite no to that. After all, how could a creature that can’t even breathe under water provide any insights into invisible worlds and realms. Also, you should never trust a psychic that can’t squeeze into a milk bottle. So, no, don’t talk to any psychics other than Paul who is so powerful he once predicted that JFK, Aldous Huxley, and C.S. Lewis would all die on the same day, but forgot to put a bet on it with his bookie and has been slapping himself (with tentacles this is much easier than kicking) ever since.